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Weekend Playlist: February 27-29

If you’re in need of live and local music, make sure to check out the Weekend Playlist. A weekly blog post highlighting some of my favorite venues, bands, and shows. Weekends are short so make it count with great music.

Thursday, February 27
Plan A: Burning Bush 2020
Plan B: Weigh Station, Baker & Brewer
Things around town: The Black Diamond Band, Voodoo

Friday, February 28
Plan A: Saluda Shoals, The Windjammer
Plan B: Linqua Franqa w/ Benny Starr, Royal American
Things around town: Hans Wenzel, Victor Social Club

Saturday, February 29
Plan A: The Extra Chill Leap Year Jamboree, Royal American
Plan B: 1770 Records and WME’s Leap Year Show, Music Farm
Things around town: Lauren Hall Band, Red’s Ice House

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