Weekend Playlist – Carolina Vibes


Plan A:

Carolina Vibes, Music Farm

Plan B:
First Friday Presented By MTM Industry:
Emily Curtis, Black Wood Smokehouse
Jaykob Kendrick Band, Chill N Grill

Things around town:

Conor Donohue with Jordan Igoe and Brent Brent, Royal American


Plan A:

Marsh Jam, TheBEND with Jump Castle Riot, D0min0, and Trae Pierce & the T-Stones

Plan B:
The Stones Tribute, Pour House

“Members of Guilt Ridden Troubadour, Gaslight Street, Sideshow Americans, Josh Roberts & The Hinges and more play the music of The Rolling Stones.”

Things around town:
Becca Smith w/ Logan and the Kidders, Tin Roof

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