Trevor Hall

Trevor_HallLast night I attended the Trevor Hall show at Charleston’s Music Farm and it was a beautiful blend of acoustic rock and reggae. Hall hails from South Carolina and it was a warm homecoming (even met his mama :)). A huge thanks to 105.5 The Bridge for the meet and greets passes and show tickets.

Tony_LoveThe openers, Mike Love and Cas Haley, brought an eclectic mix of beat boxing, reggae and blues. I know, it didn’t make sense to me either, but I promise it sounded amazing. They even ended the set with an inventive take on Bob Marley‘s “Get Up, Stand Up”.  The musical mixture these two create is something to check out.

Trevor_Hall2Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay until the end but for the songs I did witness Hall brought a soul-soothing, Namaste-inducing teepee of serenity. One of his most popular songs, “The Lime Tree”, brought the rowdy 16-year-old audience into a campfire-esque sing-along. His music is reflective of his more heart, less attack spiritual state and just what I needed to help break up the workweek blues. Start your morning off right and give his tunes a listen.

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