I first fell in love with Houndmouth when I came across Paste Magazine’s “The Riverview Sessions” and found an acoustic version of their hit single, “On the Road“. This New Albany, Indiana band sets themselves apart with their quirky sound classifying within the Americana folk rock realm. The band has only been together since 2011, but their talent and chemistry makes it appear as if this band has been making sweet musical love for years.

Houndmouth members Matt, Katie, Zak and Shane execute simple and classic melodies, mixed with their rich voices making for a harmonious blend similar to an American Mumford, as they have been classified.  A great example can be found in the song, “Penitentiary, off of their album, From The Hills Below The City. This song tells a tale of riff-raff individuals that cannot score jobs and resort to robbing. Quite the opposite of their break out single, “On the Road“, where their writing skills are highlighted by this song about hitting the road and “going down where nobody knows me,” but with the sunny piano rhymes it makes it sound almost triumphant.

This band’s sound is perfect for a beach day, a rainy day or a drinking day. This type of music goes with any event and any mood. Enjoy!

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