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Glass Mansions – “Nightswimming”

The Columbia-based band, Glass Mansions, released their latest single, “Nightswimming” last week, comprised of lead singer, Jayna, keyboardist, Blake, and guitarist, Patrick. My first encounter with this electronic-pop band was Spring Jam 2014, and I’ve been a fan since that day. The trio’s high energy mixed with their dance-friendly tunes make for one rambunctious good time. This particular single is no different according to the band, “This song is about being lost in the unknown, embracing it, and finding strength in knowing that it’s okay to let yourself get lost.”  Watch the official music video below and give this band some love. Let’s be honest, we all wish we could pull off Jayna’s hair color. 😉

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Catch them live March 2 at The Sparrow

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