Episode 19, Cocktail Bandits

Local (and talented) Hip-Hop and Trap Musicians – Check
Specialty Espolon Tequila Punches – Check
Surrounded by Charleston’s Hottest Cocktail Duo – Check

It’s that time again to suit up in your best dancing attire and run (don’t walk) to The Royal American. Charleston locals, Cocktail Bandits, will be hosting the 4th installment of Trappy Hour on Sunday, November 21st from 8:00 – 11:00 pm. We were able to chat this week about the birth of Trappy Hour, the superb lineup, and why these events are vital to downtown Charleston. All of the music that you’ll hear on Sunday will consist of at least 80% local artists so even more of a reason to stop by. See ya there!

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Passion Symoan Link Up: Apple Music | Instagram | Spotify
Neno Kasanova Link Up: Apple Music | Instagram | Spotify
Kash Kari Link Up: Youtube | Instagram

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