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Weekend Playlist: August 8- 10

If you’re in need of live and local music, make sure to check out the Weekend Playlist. A weekly blog post highlighting some of my favorite venues, bands, and shows. Weekends are short so make it count with great music.

Bizness Suit is a rock band from Charleston, SC
Bizness Suit

Thursday, August 8
Plan A: Keys and Co., The Commodore
Plan B: The Funk Experience, Charleston Pour House
Things around town: Josh Brannon Band, The Windjammer

Friday, August 9
Plan A: Dante’s Camaro, Tin Roof
Plan B: Eric Barnett & Matt Baumann, Elliotborough Mini Bar
Things around town: Crazy K’s Cosmic Cowboys, Dockery’s

Saturday, August 10
Plan A: Magnetic Music Festival, The Purple Buffalo
Plan B: The Menders w/ Bizness Suit, Burns Alley
Things around town: Daddy’s Beemer w/ Abstract – That Rapper + Darby Wilcox, Royal American

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