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Two Blondes Travel x Italy & Germany

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed two weeks ago my overseas adventure. Jenna, my blonde counterpart, and fellow blogger traveled to Italy and Germany. Our close girlfriend, Katherine, was getting married in Treviso, Italy, so we decided to include Florence and Munich into the trip. I had so many people tell me this would be a trip of a lifetime and even a life-changing event. While I didn’t discover a profound sense of anything, I did throw my f**ks out of the window and drank/ate my way through each city.

The additional perk of this trip was the collaboration project J and I started. You can only get so much from Instagram stories. so we created a video of the sights and fun throughout the trip. We covered the amazing food in Italy to the huge a** beers in Munich, even witnessing my hunt for the perfect dirndl.

The best part is that we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for more travel videos and hopefully, we will leave you inspired, jealous, and entertained. Huge thanks to the amazing musician, Kate Puckett, for allowing us to use her song, “Dance Now”, in the video. Make sure to check her out on her site.

Stay tuned for more travel adventures…




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