The Delta Saints

In the spring of 2010, I stumbled across The Delta Saints when they opened for Crowfield (reunion show, please?!) at Charleston’s Harbor Resort for Party at the Point. These were the days when lead singer, Ben Ringel, had dreads almost to his booty. He has since cleaned up his hairdo but his gritty bayou sound still remains intact in his singing.

When I first heard, “Momma”, I almost had to sit down from the hypnotic harmonica and enchanting bluesy beats. The overall sound that erupts from this quintet sends you in musical sensory overload (but definitely in a good way ;)).

Slow burning,
Smoke rolling,
And my head is feeling high,
Then I feel your,
Skin on me,
Baby your sins taste so divine.

Swing on down to Charleston’s Pour House tonight and check them out. You will not be disappointed. 😉


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