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TBT: Columbus, Georgia

Two Blondes Travel, travel bloggers in Columbus, GA

We’re starting off 2019 with a full dose of adventure with your two favorite blondes on another installment of Two Blondes Travel. This time our travels take us to Columbus, Georgia, a little town with big adventure (perfectly worded tagline thanks to Jenna), just 100 miles outside of Atlanta.


Since Columbus is just “down the road” from Atlanta, Jenna and I left after work and arrived around 7:30 pm. We were pleasantly surprised that the Columbus Marriott placed us in their presidential suite. Now I refuse to stay in any other room 😉 This two-story room was outfitted with a kitchen, two baths, a large living room, and a king bedroom. This was just enough room for Jenna and me to spread out our things and get to work planning for the following day’s adventure. Before we got down to business, we walked next door to Houlihan’s for dinner, which is conveniently located adjacent to the hotel making wine time quicker and easier.


This was the day, people! Columbus Whitewater, here we come!

Jenna and I suited up in our Fabletics, and met our guides, Jacob and Wren, at 9:30 am. Now, for the sake of transparency, I’m not a fan of heights nor not having control. So this was going to be a challenge for me, but after hearing everyone speak so highly of the ziplining experience I was giving it my best positive effort. However, I was a bit overzealous by offering to go first without asking what the first experience/challenge was…jumping off of a 64ft + building. Do not fret, Jenna caught the whole meltdown on camera. Hopefully, this never sees the light of day, but I’m certain this will come back around as blackmail one day.

Here’s the rundown of the course:

  1. 64 foot jump STRAIGHT down
  2. Zipline across the Chattahoochee River into Alabama
  3. Aerial Course, a treetop obstacle course with a total of 10 obstacles
  4. A final zip line back across the river into Georgia

Now, you will be able to see the course and zip lining in greater detail in our recap video below. After all of that adventure, which I cannot say enough nice things about our two guides. Ren and Jacob were patient, kind, and easy-going which are necessary qualities for others that must endure Jenna and I’s hijinks. They were super accommodating providing us assistance whenever we needed a photo taken, a shoulder to cry on, or even encouraging words to reinforce the fact that you are NOT going to fall to your death.

Two Blondes Travel, travel bloggers in Columbus, GA

After working muscles I didn’t know I had, nourishment was required. After a quick change at the hotel, Jenna and I headed to the downtown area and stopped at The Black Cow. Between the lobster tots, chicken lettuce wraps, and a signature burger we were two happy gals. We were off to roam the happen’ side of downtown on Broadway Street. This street runs for several blocks and is packed with restaurants, bars, shops, and a portion of the local college, Columbus State University. Obvi Jenna and I would find a vintage jewelry and record shop, Broadway Estate Jewelry. This place is a real-life treasure trove of records, hats, jewelry, home goods, and the list continues. Definitely, a must stop!

As for our nightlife portion, the weather wasn’t in our favor this weekend. Heavy thunderstorms rolled through sending Jenna and me back indoors for the evening. We hated to miss out on the nightlife scene, but even more of a reason to come back.

While we stayed in Saturday night, we decided to put back on our Fabletics attire and snap some photos around the hotel. Naturally, I chose the Demi Lovato jacket and Kelly Rowland pants. This was my first time trying out Fabletics workout gear, and I was pleased with the quality and design. Fishnet sleeves…yes, please! The pants have a leather panel that suits my rocker style while still practical allowing for ease of movement, which will come in handy for those box jumps.


We were up early to snap some pictures of our hotel before heading to brunch at Ruth Ann’s. Jenna swore that this place wouldn’t disappoint and my girl came through. They are famous for their Capt’n Crunch and red velvet french toasts so we decided to get both and share…alongside a side of hash browns and bacon. We worked hard Saturday and deserved every delicious calorie. 😉 This charming diner has been a staple in the Columbus community for many years; serving a full gambit of eaters from church-goers, college kids, to Fort Benning recruits.

As our third TBT trip came to a close, I was especially thankful for this one. This adventure required me to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Who willing says, “Sure, I’ll do something scary today??” A statement not heard enough, so a huge thanks to Columbus GA Whitewater for allowing us to take a big leap into an unknown adventure.

Make sure to watch our recap video below with an amazing song by musician, Daphne Willis. Her song “Out of the Black” is gritty and ballsy, a tune that perfectly encapsulates this experience.

Until next time, friends…

Two Blondes Travel X Jackson

Get excited for about another installment of Two Blondes Travel! My blonde counterpart, Jenna (J), and I made our way to Jackson, Mississippi two weeks ago. I created an awesome playlist full of artists that hail from Mississippi for our road trip here. Neither one of us had been to Jackson before so we were excited to check out the city; known for their music and food scene we were two happy blondes. I’ve broken the weekend down by daily adventures, and, of course, no travel excursion is complete without a fun highlight video.



We arrived in Jackson around 7 pm and found ourselves at the gorgeous new The Westin Jackson. The layout was warm, welcoming, and just what we needed after the 5.5-hour drive. We had reservations at the hotel restaurant, Estelle, at 8:30 giving us time to check in and unwind. I’m a sucker for anything cozy so naturally, I made myself at home once we got into our room.


The comfortable accommodations made it very difficult to leave; however, Estelle’s pizzas and cocktails were calling my name. As we walked in Estelle’s, I was intimidated by the elegance of the space but those feelings soon vanished as the friendly staff led us to our table. Preston, Estelle’s manager, treated us to some amazing cocktails and a tour of the kitchen. After seeing the wood-fire oven, that made my choice very clear on my entree. J and I decided on the lobster devil eggs, roasted chicken pizza, and duck breast. This was the perfect dining experience to kick off our Jackson weekend. Thanks to Preston, Kenny, and Charity for the amazing hospitality. J and I were greeted by a friendly staff in an elegant setting.



Saturday morning started with a photoshoot in front of the infamous “Welcome to Jackson” mural off of Pearl Street downtown.


But even my fierce leather jacket couldn’t keep the cold away, so we quickly headed to back to The Westin for a warm up of coffee in our robes. The Westin’s fluffy beds, cozy robes, and hot coffee was just what I needed after freezing my fanny off. It also would have been helpful if I had researched the weather and brought warmer clothes.


We did a change, touch up, and headed over to the Fondren area of Jackson for lunch at Saltine. The bright decor was almost as vibrant its patrons, but the food spoke for itself. As we settled in for brunch, which is served Saturdays and Sundays, we had trouble picking from their diverse menu. We opted for the chicken biscuits, gumbo, goat cheese grits, and Lowcountry boil; being from Charleston, we were both intrigued to see how their Lowcountry boil would compare. It was perfectly seasoned (slightly spicy) and just dang tasty. A definite must when paired with a bloody.


No trip to Jackson is complete without experiencing the local music scene. When we asked the locals and they all claimed that Underground 119 was the place to check out. This historic blues club hosts live music Thursday – Saturday, and this definitely ain’t amateur hour, numerous local and regional acts have graced the piano-shaped stage. Jackson is known as the birthplace of America’s music and I see and hear why that’s the case. There are several music venues in town that are booked with local acts every Thursday through Saturday. Stay tuned for another post just on the music 🙂



After a full day of eating, wandering, drinking we needed to be in bed with pizza and steak. The restaurant was so accommodating to bring our meal to our room. 🙂


After indulging on Saturday, it was time to hit the gym! The Westin’s gym had everything anyone could ever need to get their fitness on, including a lap pool. I had the whole gym to myself, because like most people on vacation working out is probably the last thing on your list. The main reason was last night’s splurge and also anticipation for Sunday’s brunch at Brent’s Drugs.


Brent’s Drugs is a soda fountain diner back over in the Fondren area. J went with the classic eggs and bacon where I splurged on chicken and waffles. The restaurant is just plain adorable with vintage booths and the original bar stools from 1946. It’s a blast from the past but with brunch staples of breakfast tacos, huge biscuits, and endless coffee.




J and I had a blast exploring Jackson, but the real gem was the welcoming people. At every location, people would stop and inquire about our numerous picture-taking and video. When they found out we were creating a travel guide for The Westin, they wanted to tell us about why they live and love Jackson. Every story was different but the feeling was the same. They are excited about Jackson’s growth and cannot wait to see what the future holds for their capital city. Huge thanks to The Westin Jackson, their AMAZING staff, the Jackson locals for their hometown hospitality, and the band, Glass Mansions, for allowing us to use their song in our video.

Until next time,
Two Blondes Travel

Two Blondes Travel x Italy & Germany

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed two weeks ago my overseas adventure. Jenna, my blonde counterpart, and fellow blogger traveled to Italy and Germany. Our close girlfriend, Katherine, was getting married in Treviso, Italy, so we decided to include Florence and Munich into the trip. I had so many people tell me this would be a trip of a lifetime and even a life-changing event. While I didn’t discover a profound sense of anything, I did throw my f**ks out of the window and drank/ate my way through each city.

The additional perk of this trip was the collaboration project J and I started. You can only get so much from Instagram stories. so we created a video of the sights and fun throughout the trip. We covered the amazing food in Italy to the huge a** beers in Munich, even witnessing my hunt for the perfect dirndl.

The best part is that we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for more travel videos and hopefully, we will leave you inspired, jealous, and entertained. Huge thanks to the amazing musician, Kate Puckett, for allowing us to use her song, “Dance Now”, in the video. Make sure to check her out on her site.

Stay tuned for more travel adventures…




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