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Weekend playlist blog post supporting local Charleston music

Weekend Playlist: November 7-9

If you’re in need of live and local music, make sure to check out the Weekend Playlist. A weekly blog post highlighting some of my favorite venues, bands, and shows. Weekends are short so make it count with great music.

Extra Chill, Charleston music blog

Thursday, November 7
Plan A: The High Divers, Royal American
Plan B
: Defunk, Trio
Things around town: Super Runaway ft. Amuse, Hybrid Mutants, In the Meantime, Tin Roof

Friday, November 8
Plan A: Extra Chill Fest, Royal American
Plan B: Same As It Ever Was w/ Jon Stickley Trio, Charleston Pour House
Things around town: Stock Footage ft. Blue Ricky & Ash Vapor, Tin Roof

Saturday, November 9
Plan A: Rockabillaque, Park Circle
Plan B: Wrenn Stock Music Festival, Bowen A Waterfront Village
Things around town:
Santee Country Music Festival, The Oasis Bar & Grill
1770 Record’s 7th Annual Boat Show, Carolina Queen
Tonight’s the Night – A Neil Young B-Day Celebration, Charleston Pour House

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Weekend Playlist: July 22-24


Plan A:
Who’s Bad, The Windjammer

Plan B:
Midnight City, Red’s Ice House

Things around town:
Greg Payne & The Piedmont Boys, Ocean Cowboys


Plan A:
DEADWIN, Pour House

Plan B:
Same As It Ever Was, Pour House

Things around town:
Buckley Willis, The Cedar Room 


Plan A:
Runaway Gin, Pour House

Plan B:
THE MOBROS with The High Definitions, Great Yankee, Tin Roof

Things around town:
Benny Bassett, Rushland Plantation Pavilion

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