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New Nash

Nashville’s Music City reputation has been affiliated with country music for years; however, the influx of new residents is bringing different musical tastes and creators.* This doesn’t mean we need to exchange our cowgirl boots for its more contemporary counterpart, but rather it gives us an opportunity to evolve our eardrums to music other than country. So I took this as an opportunity to discover new Nashville music by creating a pretty dope playlist.

My first find was Daphne Willis‘ “Dopamine” she combines pop, rock, soul, and electronic into one smooth tune that compares being in love to a similar high you could achieve through drugs and alcohol. However, Willis’ love is so good in this song, the other substances aren’t necessary. Wildwood‘s tune, indie singer-songwriter, “Secrets,” tells a story of a woman being mistreated by a cheating significant other, “in the dark is where is you hide and in the light you’re going to find your secrets walking away”. Wildwood has the storytelling ability to bring her audience along for a musical ride.

But let’s not forget the men too in this playlist. Goodbye June has been a long-time favorite of mine; this trio is proving that rock isn’t dead in Nashville. Their single, “Daisy”, shows off lead singer’s, Landon Milbourn, soulful vocals and the incredible falsetto! This band keeps it right and tight, and down and dirty, what more could you want from a rock band?

There are so many other amazing artists on this playlist like Whissell, Sinclair, Jeffrey James, Kate Puckett, and more. Whether you live locally or not these are some great artists pushing the boundaries of Nashville’s music reputation.

*stat was taken from The Tennessean

Nashville Finds

NAshvileI hope everyone’s holiday time off was well spent. My trip to Nashville was filled with family, friends and a lot of wandering. Check out below some of my favorite findings and places.

the_southernThe Southern is a Nashville staple when it comes to brunch. This place was packed full of bachelorettes, locals and musicians. Their brunch menu is a wide range from out-of-the-box salads to steak benedict, and of course, shrimp and grits. As a brunch connoisseur, this place was the perfect combination of hangover cure and hair of the dog.

Native_American_RingIMG_5860During my wandering, I stopped by Old Made Good (OMG) to check out their vintage treasures. I found this tacky yet awesome Native American ring that I cannot wait to wear to my next concert.
Also, this place is a jackpot for records and I managed to snag two oldies but definitely goodies.

IMG_5856Lastly, Pangaea, is an eclectic shop that I frequent every time I’m in Nashville. They have household items, jewelry, clothing and more. I’ve been looking for some dainty rings, and this was a great addition to my collection and only $5.00! This place is the perfect shop for my incense-burning, Día de Muerto-loving, hippie love children.

What are some of your favorite spots in Music City? Let’s swap some ideas.


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