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ACL Fest


Exciting news happening over in the Teepee!

I will be jet-setting to Austin next weekend for Austin City Limits Music Festival. The festival will be held over two weekends, October 3rd -5th and October 10th -12th, and I’ve managed to wiggle myself into the first week’s set of concerts. The headliners for weekend one include Outkast, Beck, Skrillex, Eminem, Calvin Harris and Pearl Jam.  However, one of the best parts of attending an event like this is finding new artists and bands. 

ACL Fest has been a music festival bucket list item for years, and the excitement is almost uncontainable. Austin alone is a city that oozes creativity and innovation, and throwing a music fest on top of that may make my head explode. I will be documenting the shows, sightings and fashion from the event so stay tuned to my Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.



The Wind + The Wave


The Wind + The Wave is an Austin based duo that immediately grabbed my attention with their entrancing tunes and razor sharp lyrics. Dwight Baker, taking the role of The Wind and Patricia Lynn, dubbed The Wave, released their debut album, From The Wreckage this past August.

This robust album contains sweetly serene songs, heavy guitar-filled anthems and head-bobbing tunes. The album starts with “My Mama Said Be Careful Where You Lay Your Head”, and this tune sent me down a rabbit hole wanting to hear more of the W+W sound. Every song on the album can appeal to every listener’s taste and will happily satisfy your eardrums.

A gritty guitar greets you in the initial moments of “The Heart It Beats The Thunder Rolls”, and brings the listener into a musically-stimulating twilight zone. “Oh I’m calling bullshit baby on the whole shebang. Someday you’ll wanna pull the trigger, no gun in your hand” This tune is definitely my favorite of the whole album, because it gives an insight into the musical talent of Baker and the skillful song writing of Lynn.

If you’re into folk, alternative country (or perhaps, just good music) then let me to introduce you to W+W.

Please go get familiar…


Disco Teepee

Concert bands

Disco. Teepee.

I chose these two words as a representation of my musical interests and taste; glitz and glam mixed with natural and simplistic elements. The music of the 80’s was the soundtrack to my youth, and I’ve since evolved into having many love affairs with rockers and acoustic crooners – metaphorically speaking, of course.

Music has served as a shelter, a guiding force, a spiritual leader and an all-around medicine man (or woman) throughout my trek on this earth. My passion is music and the lifestyle surrounding it. This blog will serve as my outlet for my musical adventures and discoveries, like album reviews, musical crushes, concert-worthy fashion and the newest technology of music.

Music changes moods and minds. This is my journey to bring the most interesting and exciting to all of my fellow tribe members. All are welcome to join the dance party, so take off your shoes and join me in the Disco Teepee.


Disco Teepee