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For the love of music

troublemaker jacket at the royal american bar

I started this blog as an avenue to share all of my favorite music-related stuff. However, this past year I lost my passion. The lack of direction mixed with the stress of trying to “keep up” with other media outlets, bloggers, and websites made me give up. I was in a constant state of trying to create content that pleased others rather than myself. I let the desire for notoriety overtake the original reason I started Disco Teepee…for the love of music.

After the loss of a dear friend this year, it sent me further down a path of lack-luster pursuits. I’ve been desperate to find something that would ignite that creative flame. A song, a band, an experience brought on by live music, something to wake and shake me back to create. So in an effort to start over, Disco Teepee received a much-needed face lift from my talented friend, Matt.

This platform will no longer promote things that I do not believe in to just get likes or follows. But you can expect some good shit i.e., playlists, music-inspired outfits, band crushes, and the list goes on. This is an exercise in creating an outlet that highlights the reason I fell in love with music.

Thanks for reading, friends, enough of this sad diary entry and back to our badass adventure.

Emily Curtis – “Breath of Heaven”

Charleston local songstress, Emily Curtis, has released a cover of Amy Grant’s “Breath of Heaven”. Joined by her father, Ty Curtis, on guitar, her cover of this song perfectly captures Emily’s velvety vocals. She has also recently released an EP, Hindsight, filled with even more amazing songs. You can listen and follow her on Spotify here.

Get into the Holiday season and give the song a listen below.



Locals Only

This morning I had the privilege to be a guest on i93.7‘s Locals Only show. We gushed over the awesomely talented bands, Megan Jean And The KFB, Jerry Jacobs, and Honeysmoke. It was a surreal experience sitting alongside Charleston disc jockey royalty, Miles Crosby aka Uncle Miles, of 96 Wave. If you’re from Charleston, you know how much of an institution that radio station was and the impact it had on the local music scene. It was an amazing experience and truly thankful for it.

You can listen to the full show below:

You can hear Jerry Jacobs live Thursday, March 16th at The Windjammer, and Honeysmoke Friday, March 16th, at Royal American alongside Emma’s Lounge and Midnight Snack.

Listen local this weekend 🙂

The Drum Lesson

2016-08-17 19.29.50

I despise activities that I’m not good at, heck I even avoid them. I’ve never been skating, paddle boarding, or even skiing; not because of the physical nature, but rather I do not feel the need to publicly humiliate myself. Being in a vulnerable position where my flaws are exposed is my worst nightmare; however, if I take just one step out of my comfort zone it could result in something pretty spectacular. So in order to test my limits, I will start in a realm I find comfort… Music.

As a music blogger, I always look for ways to expand and grow so why not try taking music lessons? I’ve never taken a formal music lesson, and this will provide a deeper understanding and appreciation for the bands and musicians I listen to. The instrument that immediately comes to my mind are the drums. They’re loud, the backbone to songs, and are all-around pretty darn cool.

2016-08-17 19.29.19

I knew this venture would need a leader, so enter stage left… Daniel Crider. Veteran drummer of 26 years and member of local band, Dead27s, Daniel has given lessons for 9 years and the rightful choice to guide my musical hot mess express. His students range in ages and musical abilities, and I was blown away by one particular student, Ava.

Ava had the time slot before mine, and I couldn’t help but notice this 9 year old was really good. It was an intimidating sight and sound for this 32 year old that can barely hold the drum sticks properly. I was intrigued to know more about this mini drummer wonder. She started the drums when she was 5 years old, and knew this was the instrument for her. Why? She noticed there was a lack of female drummers and wanted to be one of the few. Through her eyes, girls tended to gravitate towards the piano and violin as they are more graceful and delicate instruments, whereas boys will choose drums and the trombone due to their louder and bolder nature. This did not deter Miss Ava. She fearlessly strikes the drums with a ferocious nature on her current lesson from drummer Cindy Blackman on Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way”.

What a turn of events. I wanted to gain insight into the drums and possibly get a better understanding of music, but I got an even better lesson. While witnessing Ava diving head first, I became inspired. I can continue down my self-preservation path or take a step out of my own way. Yes, I avoid situations that may reveal my imperfections; however, by making one bold choice I can acquire some great results. I’m definitely not the next Dave Grohl, but the reward of being fearless was far greater than the drum skills I acquired. Connecting with Daniel and Ava gave me the courage to start second guessing my activity avoidance, and taking a step into a bold new world. Who knows what else I might try, but I’m ready to start.

2016-08-17 19.18.15

DT February Playlist

Sorry for the delay on this month’s playlist!

DT has some exciting things coming up and I cannot wait to share them with you. Soon you’ll be getting better and more frequent blog posts, and not to mention you’ll be seeing a lot more of me in other places 😉

But enough for now, I hope your February is full of great tunes from great artists like White Denim, The Lonely Biscuits, Sleep Machine and Whissell.


Can’t Knock The Hustle

hustleOver this past week, I have been on a roller coaster of highs and lows, and typically when life is hitting me hard I turn up the radio even louder. So I found it fitting when I rediscovered Jay-Z’s “Can’t Knock The Hustle”. I love how songs can resurface and perfectly fit your current disposition. Life is freakin’ tough. We all have shit, and unfortunately life doesn’t stop for it.

I love the idea surrounding the term “hustle”, even if it makes me a basic bitch. Hustle is a verb that encompasses hard work, never quitting and being in a constant state of improving your life. Even when terrible things happen, life doesn’t stop so you’ve got to put on your big girl britches and continue on your path. The bad things are the Universe’s memo to continue your constant state of hustle.  So after life altering shake ups in both my personal and professional life, I found some tunes that fit perfectly with my outlook as I move on and move forward.

Play on, playas,

Tyler Boone


Band of the Week:

Who: Tyler Boone
What: Rock ‘N” Roll Blues
Where: Charleston, South Carolina
Why: He knows how to work a crowd and a guitar 😉
Waves: “Familiar Faces”

Festival Season

arm_bandsMany people hate when the holidays end and we come back to reality. However, this is my favorite time of year, not only is January my birthday month, but it is also music festival lineup season!

Some of the biggest ones were released this week and they are bringing the big guns. Two of the biggest ones, Hangout and Bonnaroo, mixed it up with headliners from Foo Fighters to Billy Joel.

The acts that get me shaking with excitement are the return of Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals as well as Mumford & Sons. Both music groups took time off to pursue other opportunities but have rejoined forces for Gen Y’s version of Woodstock aka Bonnaroo.

However, one the best things about these festivals is witnessing the up-and-coming, smaller acts. These musicians or bands play their hearts out and bring an authenticity that only music festival virgins possess.

I cannot wait to see the rest of 2015’s festival lineups, but what about you? What festivals are you attending? What bands are you most excited about seeing?

Let’s all get excited,



Disco Teepee