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Weekend playlist blog post supporting local Charleston music

Weekend Playlist: December 19-21

If you’re in need of live and local music, make sure to check out the Weekend Playlist. A weekly blog post highlighting some of my favorite venues, bands, and shows. Weekends are short so make it count with great music.

Thursday, December 19
Plan A: Toys for Tots Benefit Concert, HonkyTonk Saloon
Plan B: Youth Model w/ Chris Compton & Single Sparrow, Tin Roof
Things around town: Christmas at The Commodore

Friday, December 20
Plan A: Burn the Fields, Lost Cosmonauts, Mason Jar Muzik, Tin Roof
Plan B: Saluda Shoals, Kickin’ Chicken
Things around town: Whitney Hanna, Moe’s Crosstown

Saturday, December 21
Plan A: Ian James, Parcel 32
Plan B: Mechanical River / Gold Light / Grace Joyner, Royal American
Things around town: Dallas Baker and Friends, Charleston Pour House

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WP: January 26-28: Food Truck Rodeo


Plan A:

Charleston Live featuring Walter Brown, Benjamin Starr, and MYSELF!, Charleston Music Hall 

Plan B:
Grace Joyner & Gold Light, The Eclectic Cafe & Vinyl

Things around town:
Friday Loading Dock- Little Stranger, The Norm, Local Honey, Palmetto Brewing


Plan A:
6th Annual Charleston Food Truck Festival, Park Circle

Plan B:

Dolly Parton Look-A-Like Contest: A Benefit for Gatlinburg featuring Terri Adams, Jordan Igoe, Lily Slay, and She Returns From War, Tin Roof

Things around town:
Young Mister + Ancient Cities, Royal American

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