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Weekend Playlist: November 21-23

If you’re in need of live and local music, make sure to check out the Weekend Playlist. A weekly blog post highlighting some of my favorite venues, bands, and shows. Weekends are short so make it count with great music.

saluda shoals, charleston-based band

Thursday, November 21
Plan A: Saluda Shoals, Republic Garden and Lounge
Plan B
: Jaykob Kendrick and Josh Walker, Baker & Brewer
Things around town: Saunders Triebold Live Album Recording, Home Team BBQ West Ashley

Friday, November 22
Plan A: Majic Dust w/ Faline, Tin Roof
Plan B: World Music Cafe, GALA desserts
Things around town: B-Side + Kid Trails (of Toro Y Moi) w/ Persona La Ave, Royal American

Saturday, November 23
Plan A: Never Better ft. Mourning Dove w/ Scene Jesus, Tin Roof
Plan B: Munkle’s Two Year Anniversary Party ft. Dub Plates, Munkle Brewing
Things around town: Catholics, Colin Phils (RVA), Current Blue, Big Gun Burger Shop

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WP: March 2-4: Glass Mansions


Plan A:

Glass Mansions, The Sparrow

Plan B:
Charleston LIVE: Faline, She Returns From War, Jordan Igoe, Charleston Music Hall

Things around town:
Battle of the Bands, USS Yorktown


Plan A:
The Soul Preservation Society, Royal American

Plan B:
Hubris, 2 Slices, Pinkerton and the Brinks, The Sparrow

Things around town:

Off/Beat!! with Mummbls & Party Dad, Faculty Lounge


Plan A:
Flat Foot Floozies, Local 616

Plan B:
Charleston Hype Presents: Anfernee, JDawg, and Tyrie, Upstairs at JohnKing

Things around town:
Matt Mackelkan, The Rusty Rudder


Weekend Playlist: July 1- 4


Plan A:
Stop Light Observations, The Windjammer

Plan B:
Kenny George Band, Silver Dollar

Things around town:
Crab Claw w/ Billie Fountain & FALINE, Royal American


Plan A:
Dante’s Camaro Benefit Concert, The Sparrow

Plan B:
Sideshow Americans W/ American Fiction, Home Team BBQ (Downtown)

Things around town:
Jefferson Coker, My Father’s Moustache 


Plan A:
Haley Mae Campbell, The Refuge

Plan B:
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Pour House

Things around town:
Luke Combs w/ Ray Fulcher , The Windjammer


Plan A:
Chase Martin, Red’s Ice House

Plan B:
BYOG, Loggerhead’s Beach Grill

Things around town:
Rodeo Clown, Pour House

Disco Teepee