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Youth Model


Charleston, SC based band and friend of the blog, Youth Model, has released their EP, Open Season this past November. This six-song EP is full of pop alternative tunes that get me excited to see these gentlemen live in concert. The high energy, genuine songwriting and hip beats makes for an easy and fun album. The title track, “Open Season”, is a pulsating anthem with heavy guitars that grabs your attention. My personal favorite tune, “Tried This Time” gets a little funky and spunky with honest lyrics on the frustrations of love.

If you want to catch YM live, swing by Royal American at 9:00 pm tomorrow night. They will be playing alongside other Charleston faves Beach Tiger and Human Resources. Check out the Facebook event for more information. In the meantime, check out their video for title track, “Open Season”.

The Delta Saints

In the spring of 2010, I stumbled across The Delta Saints when they opened for Crowfield (reunion show, please?!) at Charleston’s Harbor Resort for Party at the Point. These were the days when lead singer, Ben Ringel, had dreads almost to his booty. He has since cleaned up his hairdo but his gritty bayou sound still remains intact in his singing.

When I first heard, “Momma”, I almost had to sit down from the hypnotic harmonica and enchanting bluesy beats. The overall sound that erupts from this quintet sends you in musical sensory overload (but definitely in a good way ;)).

Slow burning,
Smoke rolling,
And my head is feeling high,
Then I feel your,
Skin on me,
Baby your sins taste so divine.

Swing on down to Charleston’s Pour House tonight and check them out. You will not be disappointed. 😉


Dead 27s

Dead27sBand of the Week:

Who: Dead 27s
What: A grand mixture of Southern rock, smooth soul and R&B
Where: Charleston, South Carolina
Why: One word….Ladywood
Waves: “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”

Local Done Right

A_Fragile_TomorrowThis past Wednesday I visited Charleston’s Pour House for a night of local music from musicians Matt Megrue, Logan Venderlic and A Fragile Tomorrow. The Pour House is an amazing music venue that has it all:  huge patio, snappy and sassy bartenders and an eye for great musical talent.

Matt_MegrewMatt Megrue of Loners Society kicked off the evening with some laid-back guitar strumming that set my whirlwind day at ease. He captures your attention with great songwriting and smooth stage presence. Stay tuned for a more in depth post on LS’s album, King City Sessions.

Logan_Venderlic2Logan took the stage next and this was my second time seeing him, you can read about it here. Mr. Venderlic debuted a new single, “Shakin’ and Swayin'”, a great edition to his set list that will get you moving. Even the delightful drunk man next to me compared the tune to something that belonged in the movie Pulp Fiction.
We will take that as a compliment… 😉

A_Fragile_TomorrowA Fragile Tomorrow is a foursome that blends together the best sounds of pop and rock. Comprised of Sean, Dominic, Brendan and Shaun, this band of brothers has toured all over the United States as well as Europe. They represent our little seaside town well and cannot wait to hear more from them.

Logan_VenderlicThanks for the picture, Logan. Matt and AFT, you’re next!

Logan Venderlic

photo 4

As we approach the weekend, Brother Hulsey and I head north for West, By God, Virginia. This is my first time to WV, and with any good adventure I’m looking for some tunes to musically recount my weekend adventures. I immediately thought of West Virginia native and Charleston resident, Logan Venderlic. I caught his show last Saturday at Royal American, and since then I’ve had his song, “Travelin’ Tooth Operators” stuck in my head. The vocal rasp mixed with his quick tongue makes for audible-pleasing tunes perfect for my mountain getaway. Give his jams a listen below and enjoy.

Happy Weekend, Disco Teepee-ers!

Disco Teepee