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Rainbow Kitten Surprise


Rainbow Kitten Surprise (RKS)…a memorable name for an unforgettable band. I wasn’t 100% familiar with RKS, but what I did know was their fan base is loyal. The line started way before the doors opened at 7 pm and people were happily waiting to get as close to the stage as possible. The first thing I noticed about this act is their incredibly energetic stage presence; jumps, leaps, and backbends filled between breaths. I would like to know how lead singer, Sam Melo, hits all his notes while continually dancing around the stage. They included fan favorites like, “Cocaine Jesus” and “Devil Like Me”, making sure to cover tunes off the new album like “Fever Pitch”.

I’ll have to be honest that trying to capture images of this band was difficult. The Music Farm is a great venue to play for any artist, but the stage becomes smaller the bigger the band. As RSK has five members, they continued to dance around each other making their set a rave-like, non-stop dance party.

Being only five years old, RSK has created quite a reputation and following. In that time, they have released three studio albums and one live album. They’ve been on the touring circuit for some time now landing reputable gigs at largest festivals like Bonnaroo, Firefly, and Austin City Limits (ACL) in 2017. This year is no different as they will be making stops at Forecastle, Sloss, Lollapalooza, Voodoo, and Outside Lands this year.

Don’t miss out a band that will make you an instant fan. Just be prepared to dance your fanny off. Check out their tour schedule here.




Emily Curtis – “Breath of Heaven”

Charleston local songstress, Emily Curtis, has released a cover of Amy Grant’s “Breath of Heaven”. Joined by her father, Ty Curtis, on guitar, her cover of this song perfectly captures Emily’s velvety vocals. She has also recently released an EP, Hindsight, filled with even more amazing songs. You can listen and follow her on Spotify here.

Get into the Holiday season and give the song a listen below.



Recap: John Paul White and Finnegan Bell

This past Saturday night I attended the STAC (St. Thomas Anglican Church) House Show featuring John Paul White and Finnegan Bell at St. Thomas’ Church. If you’ve never been to the town of Cainhoy it could be rather misleading on the location. As a resident of West Ashley, it took me about an hour to get out there (thanks, Mount Pleasant traffic) but it was worth the travel. The old church can easily be missed as there are no signs or paved road to mark its existence. This was my first STAC show and I’m always intrigued to see how people transform everyday spots into music-worthy venues. This church is tiny with a handful of pews on the first and second levels; however, didn’t stop this sold-out crowd from filling each and every spot.

Finnegan Bell started off the night with some crowd favorites and concluded their set with their latest single, “Better Off Dead”. You can watch the music video from last week’s post. If you’ve never seen these guys play, please make a point to do so. Their great energy and harmonies will make you an instant fan.

Shortly after Finnegan Bell’s set, John Paul took the beautifully lit stage. He gave me a Johnny Cash vibe with his tall stance, dressed in a black suit with long and tousled hair. He’s soft-spoken, but his singing cut through the tiny church. He played many tunes from his latest album, Beulah. Listen below to the opening of his show.

Saluda Shoals “Tempt Me”


Charleston’s five-piece band, Saluda Shoals, released their latest single, “Tempt Me” this past week. You may be familiar with their previous tunes “Secondhand Man” and “I Fall“. The Americana band puts a playful and sexy spin on this new tune with the lyrics

You make me want to go too far
You make me want to cross that line
I swore I was going to take it slow

Give it a listen below and the best part is you can see the band live tomorrow night at My Father’s Mustache. You can meet and mingle with the band starting at 8 pm and the music starts at 10 pm.

Charleston Music Confab Recap

Charleston Music Confab (CMC) was full of networking, discussions, and education. The four-day conference featured a lot of awesome local and regional music. My biggest complaint was that there were not enough hours in the day to see and hear it all. This was the conference’s first year to include hip hop and rap artists, which I was really looking forward to. I made sure to catch Kween Katt, Abstract, and PG13. There were so many other acts I was dying to see but I ran out of time. Good problem to have!

Some standout acts that caught my attention were the Atlanta-based band, The Georgia Flood. I was first introduced to their music via Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist (got me again, Spotify ;)). High energy, great vocals, and tight playing made this band ones to watch in the future. One local act, Abstract, was another contender in my eyes with A+ in crowd participation, engaging, and honest lyrics.

One of the great aspects of CMC was all of the people involved. All of the bands were enthusiastic to be included, the show attendees were excited to hear new artists, and the venue’s hospitality was on point. This is another great reason why the Charleston music scene is so wonderful. The support and camaraderie are creating an infrastructure for future conferences, but also making this an ideal location for artists to thrive. Make a point to attend CMC, and see for yourself. Huge thanks to Dave Stewart and the CMC team, and check out some of my favorite shots from the weekend below.










Disco Teepee