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Salute to Service


This past Friday, I attended the Salute to Service Memorial Day Concert at Joe Riley Stadium; the lineup included Logan Mize, Chase Bryant, and Brothers Osborne. As a concert setup, the stage was stationed in the perfect position within the outfield with easy access to the bar and bathrooms (thank you, festival organizers). It was thoughtfully organized by giving general admission and VIP areas a lot of room to navigate through crowds while still allowing families and non-crowd lovers access to stadium seating and lawn space for blanket lounging and playing.


The opener, Logan Mize, started the party with popular songs, “Better Off Gone”, “Ain’t Always Pretty”, and “Somebody to Thank”. Kansas native released his latest album, Come Back Road, in 2017 climbing to #2 on iTunes Country Charts. His calm and confident demeanor made him the perfect start to the evening as the crowd began sipping their Budweisers. Mize’s music complimented the beginning of a rowdy night just how his shirt showed off his perfectly toned arms. 🙂


Next up in the lineup was the Texas-born singer, Chase Bryant. At this point in the evening, beers were flowing down easy which fit Bryant’s no-shit-taking attitude. Over the course of several songs, Bryant cheers service men and women and making it known that if anyone disagreed with his opinion he would happily escort them outside. Bryant was a passionate and active performer showing the crowd his love for his music and of this country. His pride, high jumps, and quick feet would make him my choice as a partner on American Ninja Warrior.


As for the main event, brothers TJ and John Osborne, aka Brothers Osborne, hit the stage around 9:30 and played for a good hour to an hour and thirty. They covered several songs from their latest album, Port Saint Joe. They changed it up with several covers from Dixie Chicks, Alan Jackson, and John Denver. This was my first time seeing Brothers Osborne and enjoyed every minute of their show. The energy on stage and off made for an awesome show. Their fans are loyal and highly spirited; singing every word and super excited to hear the music off their latest album.


This was the perfect start to the Memorial Weekend with great music and appreciation for those that fight for our country.

The Dirty Guv’nahs

Dirty_GuvnahsI cannot express the severity of my obsession with this band; if The Black Crowes canoodled with Zac Brown in a sweet makin’ love kinda way, the end result would be this harmonious six piece mannish boy flow. I followed these guys all over the state of Georgia during my two-year residency, and every show just seemed to get better. This band’s passion for their fans and music is overflowing in every show they play. My fingers are crossed that they play my two favorite songs, “Honey You” and “Don’t Give Up On Me”.

If you are into a spunky love song, you will also be a fan of “Honey You”. With these upbeat drums and playful horns it will send you to the dance floor with the hopes of shaking it down. The lead singer, James, captures the devilish desperation of a man who has got his sights on you and surrendering. What woman wouldn’t want to hear that from a man?

Don’t Give Up On Me” is a song that pulls at you from the inside.  The beginning of the song starts with a slow drum cadence to the point where you feel your own heart syncing in rhythm. The lyrics “All I really want is someone to tell me I’m wanted, can you hear me? I’m longing to know tonight.” paired with a heavy guitar riff will shock your system. This song lays out a plea to know that his or her counterpart is reciprocating the same emotions, and who can’t relate to that? However the lyrics, “old enough to know, but young enough to still believe”, play into our own naivety that everyone in your life will be there when you need them.

This music will tug at your heartstrings and make you want to shake it all at the same time. I hope to see you all at the Music Farm Saturday locked, loaded and ready to dirty with the Guv’nahs.



Lake Street Dive


Who’s excited about tonight’s Lake Street Dive show at Charleston Music Hall?! Doors open at 7 pm and the show starts at 8 pm, check out CMH’s page here for more details.
If you haven’t heard of LSD, please get familiar. Their sound, vibe and all around stagger-swagger makes me want to be apart of what they’re cookin’.
Give a listen to their most recent single below.

See y’all tonight!


Disco Teepee