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For the love of music

troublemaker jacket at the royal american bar

I started this blog as an avenue to share all of my favorite music-related stuff. However, this past year I lost my passion. The lack of direction mixed with the stress of trying to “keep up” with other media outlets, bloggers, and websites made me give up. I was in a constant state of trying to create content that pleased others rather than myself. I let the desire for notoriety overtake the original reason I started Disco Teepee…for the love of music.

After the loss of a dear friend this year, it sent me further down a path of lack-luster pursuits. I’ve been desperate to find something that would ignite that creative flame. A song, a band, an experience brought on by live music, something to wake and shake me back to create. So in an effort to start over, Disco Teepee received a much-needed face lift from my talented friend, Matt.

This platform will no longer promote things that I do not believe in to just get likes or follows. But you can expect some good shit i.e., playlists, music-inspired outfits, band crushes, and the list goes on. This is an exercise in creating an outlet that highlights the reason I fell in love with music.

Thanks for reading, friends, enough of this sad diary entry and back to our badass adventure.

Stalking Instagram

Over time I’ve collected quite an eclectic group following on Instagram. In particular, I love musicians that are smart and savvy with their profiles. I love to follow their adventures/misadventures and live vicariously through their colorful pictures. If you’re anything like me, I’m a sucker for getting the inside scoop. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite Instagrammers for your enjoyment.

Kelleigh Bannen:
Country-singing sweetheart, podcaster, pug-obsessed, and all-around crafty with her social media. She’s got spunk and not afraid to use it.

Mitchell Tenpenny:
With lyrics like “I don’t deal with bitches no more” already gives you insight into his antics and light-hearted approach to music. People may think it, but he will say it, well, actually sing it.

Carter Hulsey:
I must admit I’m a sucker for Carter because we share the same last name. Not related, but this dude’s Instagram is full of antics and an insider’s view into his hard work on creating amazing music.

Parson James:
South Carolina-born singer categorizes his music as “conflict pop gospel”, and with songs like “Sinner Like You”, “Temple”, and “Religion”  you get the idea rather quickly. His music makes you dance and think, an interesting combination for you to check out.

I stumbled upon Sinclair while perusing concerts in Nashville. Her shows are full of light, energy, and good vibes just like her Instagram feed. For visual and audible inspiration, make sure to follow her.


When I first saw this necklace on Tori Gonzales’ blog, I HAD to have it. It’s a great combo of gypsy and rebel, perhaps two opposing trends, but Free People blends it perfectly into a fabulous neck piece.

This accessory pairs well with t-shirts, dresses, and blazers. I went for a classic country-inspired choice with a denim on denim tuxedo; once assembled I cannot help but hear the sounds of Willie, Waylon, and Merle in my head. Let’s mosey into the weekend with accessories that inspire us and a great playlist.


Images by Fixed Fifty Photo; Neckpiece: Free People(similar); Shirt: Gap; Jeans: Express; Booties: Target(similar), bracelet 1: Apple and Oak, bracelet 2:High Strung, bracelet 3: Mosa Boutique

Weekend Playlist: December 8-10


Plan A:

young-misterYoung Mister w/ Luke Mitchell, The Eclectic Cafe & Vinyl

Plan B:
PoHoHo Rockin’ Holiday Night Market w/ Super Delux, Pour House

Things around town:
BEX and the REX, Tin Roof


Plan A:
Latisha G, The Eclectic Cafe & Vinyl

Plan B:
GET WELL KANYE – A Kanye West themed party with DJ R Dot & Black Dave Made It, Compass

Things around town:
’90s on the 9th, Faculty Lounge


Plan A:

BYOG’s 4th Annual Ugly Sweater Party, Charleston Pour House

Plan B:
Dallas Baker and Friends, Royal American (Johns Island)

Things around town:
Chaquis Maliq, Elliotborough Mini Bar


Plan A:
ET Anderson w/ Zack Mexico & Secret Guest, Royal American

The Drum Lesson

2016-08-17 19.29.50

I despise activities that I’m not good at, heck I even avoid them. I’ve never been skating, paddle boarding, or even skiing; not because of the physical nature, but rather I do not feel the need to publicly humiliate myself. Being in a vulnerable position where my flaws are exposed is my worst nightmare; however, if I take just one step out of my comfort zone it could result in something pretty spectacular. So in order to test my limits, I will start in a realm I find comfort… Music.

As a music blogger, I always look for ways to expand and grow so why not try taking music lessons? I’ve never taken a formal music lesson, and this will provide a deeper understanding and appreciation for the bands and musicians I listen to. The instrument that immediately comes to my mind are the drums. They’re loud, the backbone to songs, and are all-around pretty darn cool.

2016-08-17 19.29.19

I knew this venture would need a leader, so enter stage left… Daniel Crider. Veteran drummer of 26 years and member of local band, Dead27s, Daniel has given lessons for 9 years and the rightful choice to guide my musical hot mess express. His students range in ages and musical abilities, and I was blown away by one particular student, Ava.

Ava had the time slot before mine, and I couldn’t help but notice this 9 year old was really good. It was an intimidating sight and sound for this 32 year old that can barely hold the drum sticks properly. I was intrigued to know more about this mini drummer wonder. She started the drums when she was 5 years old, and knew this was the instrument for her. Why? She noticed there was a lack of female drummers and wanted to be one of the few. Through her eyes, girls tended to gravitate towards the piano and violin as they are more graceful and delicate instruments, whereas boys will choose drums and the trombone due to their louder and bolder nature. This did not deter Miss Ava. She fearlessly strikes the drums with a ferocious nature on her current lesson from drummer Cindy Blackman on Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way”.

What a turn of events. I wanted to gain insight into the drums and possibly get a better understanding of music, but I got an even better lesson. While witnessing Ava diving head first, I became inspired. I can continue down my self-preservation path or take a step out of my own way. Yes, I avoid situations that may reveal my imperfections; however, by making one bold choice I can acquire some great results. I’m definitely not the next Dave Grohl, but the reward of being fearless was far greater than the drum skills I acquired. Connecting with Daniel and Ava gave me the courage to start second guessing my activity avoidance, and taking a step into a bold new world. Who knows what else I might try, but I’m ready to start.

2016-08-17 19.18.15

Disco Teepee