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Weekend playlist blog post supporting local Charleston music

Weekend Playlist: December 12-14

If you’re in need of live and local music, make sure to check out the Weekend Playlist. A weekly blog post highlighting some of my favorite venues, bands, and shows. Weekends are short so make it count with great music.

Thursday, December 12
Plan A: Midnight City, King Street Dispensary
Plan B
: Layton Meacham, Smoke n Brew James Island
Things around town: Spare Kings, Baker & Brewer

Friday, December 13
Plan A: PoHo Ho! Family Christmas w/ Little Stranger, White/Bogan Duo & Sexbruise?, Charleston Pour House
Plan B: Emily Curtis, Uncork Charleston
Things around town: The Charleston Christmas Special 2019, Charleston Music Hall

Saturday, December 14
Plan A: Mike Martin, Ashes of Old Ways, Ripley and the Ghost, The Royal American
Plan B: Ben Whitney, Uncork Charleston
Things around town: Me & Mr. Jones, Parcel 32

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Weekend playlist blog post supporting local Charleston music

Weekend Playlist: December 5-7

If you’re in need of live and local music, make sure to check out the Weekend Playlist. A weekly blog post highlighting some of my favorite venues, bands, and shows. Weekends are short so make it count with great music.

Charlton Singleton's Christmas

Thursday, December 5
Plan A: Charlton Singleton’s Holiday Spectacular, Charleston Music Hall
Plan B
: An Evening w/ Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers, Charleston Pour House
Things around town: Tucker Beathard with Warrick Mczeke, Music Farm

Friday, December 6
Plan A: Longshot Odds / Shut Up And Color / Marytree, Tin Roof
Plan B: Bananaz – A Tribute to Gorillaz, LO-Fi Brewing
Things around town: 20 Watt Tombstone, Space coke and Drunk Couples, Burns Alley

Saturday, December 7
Plan A: The Charleston SuperJam, LO-Fi Brewing
Plan B: Heyrocco w/ Reality Something & Invisible Low End Power, The Royal American
Things around town: Travers Brothership, Charleston Pour House

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Emily Curtis

“No one wants to get to the top by themselves.”

In this episode, I chat with local singer/songwriter, Emily Curtis, on the scarcity mindset that occurs amongst the music community. The idea is that musicians are afraid to promote and help other musicians for fear that there isn’t enough room for both acts. Besides discussing our music scene, we dive into the background of her latest single, “Ghost Stories” and how finding a mentor can make all the difference navigating the music industry. Listen to the full conversation below.


Curtis shared some great resources during our discussion for singer/songwriters.
Neverland Retreat
ASCAP Experience
Navigate the New Music Industry
Billboard 500 Club

Emily Curtis “Ghost Stories”

Link up: Facebook | Instagram | Website | Spotify | Youtube

For the love of music

troublemaker jacket at the royal american bar

I started this blog as an avenue to share all of my favorite music-related stuff. However, this past year I lost my passion. The lack of direction mixed with the stress of trying to “keep up” with other media outlets, bloggers, and websites made me give up. I was in a constant state of trying to create content that pleased others rather than myself. I let the desire for notoriety overtake the original reason I started Disco Teepee…for the love of music.

After the loss of a dear friend this year, it sent me further down a path of lack-luster pursuits. I’ve been desperate to find something that would ignite that creative flame. A song, a band, an experience brought on by live music, something to wake and shake me back to create. So in an effort to start over, Disco Teepee received a much-needed face lift from my talented friend, Matt.

This platform will no longer promote things that I do not believe in to just get likes or follows. But you can expect some good shit i.e., playlists, music-inspired outfits, band crushes, and the list goes on. This is an exercise in creating an outlet that highlights the reason I fell in love with music.

Thanks for reading, friends, enough of this sad diary entry and back to our badass adventure.

On The Table


This past Thursday I joined Michael and Ian from the lifestyle blog, I Love That For You, for an evening to discuss all things Charleston in honor of Lowcountry On The Table. This region-wide event was held on October 4th to encourage small groups to discuss obstacles throughout your community. There were roughly 200 tables that were organized for this event in Charleston. However, I’m biased as I think our table was the best with a guest list packed with local heavy-hitters:

Michael Stettner and Ian Palacios, Lifestyle Bloggers, I Love That For You
Jai Jones, Food Blogger, JaiEats
Jordan Amaker, Director of Marketing Communications, Lowcountry Local First
Adam Helms, Founder, GigDawg
Jude Shiflett, Muralist/Designer
Susannah Runkle, Resident Martha Stewart
Ali Holliday, Jill Of All Trades

The evening was filled with delicious food, great conversation, a warm surrounding, and of course, music. I created a playlist that would pair perfectly with the evening. I feel like standard dinner music can be too sleepy, so I went with tunes that were mellow enough to set the tone but carried a punch. Beach Tiger, Sigrid, Shovels & Rope, Will Hoge to name a few; after all, this a fun event, people.

Make sure you check out the playlist here.

Our conversations weaved between flooding, parking, responsible development, street art, and even more. However, the overarching theme among our discussions was how do we actually make a change. Is it holding our current government officials accountable? Do we need to attend more meetings and voice our concerns? Who should we run to when we need help? How do we push back when shit isn’t working?

As Charlestionias, I think these ongoing discussions can help bring attention to our concerns and can create a stronger community. Every city has its issues, but by bringing our problems “to the table” we can start working together rather than apart and, of course, with some good music.


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