Cardboard Kids

Posted by Meggie Hulsey on  September 17, 2014

Category: Spotlight
The Cardboard Kids and I have been involved in a digital love affair for months; Instagram likes, twitter tweets and retweets and various other forms of social media courtship. This Nashville based threesome, Jake Germany, Austin Cunningham, Brian McFarlin, released their debut album this past May and it has been on constant spin within my Spotify playlists. They have been referred to as having a sound similar to The Black Keys, but with more southern
Band of the Week: Who: Roadkill Ghost Choir What: Americana alternative rock Where: DeLand, Florida Why: “Tom Petty by way of Radiohead” – stolen from RGC website Waves: “Beggars’ Guild”
As we approach the weekend, Brother Hulsey and I head north for West, By God, Virginia. This is my first time to WV, and with any good adventure I’m looking for some tunes to musically recount my weekend adventures. I immediately thought of West Virginia native and Charleston resident, Logan Venderlic. I caught his show last Saturday at Royal American, and since then I’ve had his song, “Travelin’ Tooth Operators” stuck in my head. The
The Wind + The Wave is an Austin based duo that immediately grabbed my attention with their entrancing tunes and razor sharp lyrics. Dwight Baker, taking the role of The Wind and Patricia Lynn, dubbed The Wave, released their debut album, From The Wreckage this past August. This robust album contains sweetly serene songs, heavy guitar-filled anthems and head-bobbing tunes. The album starts with “My Mama Said Be Careful Where You Lay Your Head”, and this tune sent
Disco. Teepee. I chose these two words as a representation of my musical interests and taste; glitz and glam mixed with natural and simplistic elements. The music of the 80’s was the soundtrack to my youth, and I’ve since evolved into having many love affairs with rockers and acoustic crooners – metaphorically speaking, of course. Music has served as a shelter, a guiding force, a spiritual leader and an all-around medicine man (or woman) throughout
Disco Teepee