I’ve been a huge fan of Foo Fighters since I heard the opening drum beats of “My Hero“. Grohl’s voice was steady and sexy and sent me down an obsessive rabbit hole of musical digging. I ate through their two albums at that time like I was starving for audible nourishment. The Foos created this relationship of quiet, loud, alternative punk rock that I didn’t quite understand, but couldn’t get enough. At this particular time
Band of the Week: Who: Death of Paris What: Electronic Pop Where: Columbia, South Carolina Why: DoP are sassy showstoppers that walk the walk and talk the talk in the local music realm. Waves: “Give + Take”
Most ladies have their “go-to” angry girl music, which typically points to the likes of Kelly Clarkson.  However, there’s a new bad bitch in town, ZZ Ward.  This American born girl, Zsuzanna Eva Ward, has the R&B sound of Alicia Keys mixed with the quick hip-hop rhymes of Fergie.  Her first single, “Put the Gun Down”, is a modern day version of Dolly Pardon’s, “Jolene”; a situation that many of us find ourselves in competing
Band of the Week: Who: Dead 27s What: A grand mixture of Southern rock, smooth soul and R&B Where: Charleston, South Carolina Why: One word….Ladywood Waves: “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”
Who’s excited about tonight’s Lake Street Dive show at Charleston Music Hall?! Doors open at 7 pm and the show starts at 8 pm, check out CMH’s page here for more details. If you haven’t heard of LSD, please get familiar. Their sound, vibe and all around stagger-swagger makes me want to be apart of what they’re cookin’. Give a listen to their most recent single below. See y’all tonight! M  
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