This Nashville based band, Moon Taxi, may be my latest music obsession. Their third album, Mountains Beaches Cities, is said to inspire exploration by “searching both the world and themselves for new experience”. MT blends indie rock with almost a romantic sound, great for background music or a fierce make out session. “River Water” is my favorite track on the album; make sure to check out the acoustic version here. It has a breezy feel
  In my excitement from my app launching Monday, I forgot to post about my band pick of the week. Listen and enjoy! Band of the Week Who: Punks&Snakes What: Unpredictable rock Where: Charleston, South Carolina Why: Talent wrapped in a tall, dark and handsome  packages Waves: “Lee” P&S from last weekend’s show at Redux Studios. 
This past Wednesday I visited Charleston’s Pour House for a night of local music from musicians Matt Megrue, Logan Venderlic and A Fragile Tomorrow. The Pour House is an amazing music venue that has it all:  huge patio, snappy and sassy bartenders and an eye for great musical talent. Matt Megrue of Loners Society kicked off the evening with some laid-back guitar strumming that set my whirlwind day at ease. He captures your attention with
I first fell in love with Houndmouth when I came across Paste Magazine’s “The Riverview Sessions” and found an acoustic version of their hit single, “On the Road“. This New Albany, Indiana band sets themselves apart with their quirky sound classifying within the Americana folk rock realm. The band has only been together since 2011, but their talent and chemistry makes it appear as if this band has been making sweet musical love for years. Houndmouth members Matt, Katie,
Band of the Week: Who: Nikki Weeks What: Outlaw Country Where: Greenville, South Carolina / Nashville, Tennessee Why: A modern day Annie Oakley Waves: “Walk of Shame”
Disco Teepee