This morning I had chatted with Box and Jessie B on 105.5 The Bridge about Charleston Music Confab (CMC). If you weren’t able to attend the showcase last night at the Music Farm, performances included Tigerdog, Tyler Boone, Carolina Wray, Abstract, and See Water. Couldn’t have asked for a better kick-off party! Box, Jess and I also talked about our most anticipated shows of CMC, Matt Monday, Angie Rose,
I despise activities that I’m not good at, heck I even avoid them. I’ve never been skating, paddle boarding, or even skiing; not because of the physical nature, but rather I do not feel the need to publicly humiliate myself. Being in a vulnerable position where my flaws are exposed is my worst nightmare; however, if I take just one step out of my comfort zone it could result in
I had the pleasure of sitting down with the gentlemen of Stop Light Observations (SLO), Louise, John-Keith, William, and Luke.  Their second album, Toogoodoo, is set to release tomorrow, August 26th. This was my first time meeting the band, and I was thrilled by their down-to-earth nature and fun-loving disposition. Let’s be honest, you never know what you’ll get when you peek behind the musical curtain. It also helped that we met at
Disco Teepee