Episode 27, Glass Mansions

“We don’t want you to focus on rent, we want you to focus on writing”

In a perfect world, as a musician, you wouldn’t need to worry about rent, but rather focus your energy on perfecting your craft. Using all of your creative frequency to channel into art that you’re proud of and, in turn, supporting yourself, i.e. paying rent. We unfortunately may not live in that perfect world just yet, but today’s interviewees are working towards a place where they can solely support themselves with their music. 

However, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been paying their dues along the way. The alternative pop duo Glass Mansions, (South Carolina natives) have been greeted with push back for their distinct sound being told, “It’s doesn’t sound like South Carolina”…. whatever the fuck that means. So they relocated to Austin from Charleston in 2021 as this Texas city’s infrastructure is more able to support a musician’s livelihood and welcomes all genres of music. Specifically programs like Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM) (https://www.myhaam.org/) and Sonic Guild (https://www.sonicguild.org/locations/austin/), that assist with healthcare, financial, and professional services for musicians ensuring they have all the tools necessary as someone with “normal” employment.

While this powerhouse pair aims to make their home state proud, they are determined to create music that is true to their sound while supporting themselves. Listen to our full conversation below.

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