Episode 26, Nameless Numberhead

“There is room and there is enough for everybody to succeed; the spirit of collaboration would do Charleston some good.”

Maari Suorsa and Henry Riggs are a powerhouse pair that make up the comedy duo, Nameless Numberhead. We discuss how comedians and musicians are more similar than one would think; qualities like stage presence, the ensemble nature, and just the desire to be free on stage to name a few. While this is a two-person operation their efforts are as large as a tiny but mighty army. They are channeling their efforts to create a space where art and business can live seamlessly while encouraging collaboration amongst artists – and while doing this hope to lead by example because it can and should be done.

Don’t miss your opportunity to witness this dynamic duo live at their next upcoming Rip City Shows, March 25th and April 30th. Stream full conversation below.

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