Episode 20, Paul Eulette

“Just because things have changed, doesn’t mean you should deny those blessings.”

Well, people, we’ve made it to episode 20 and the end of 2021. While 20 episodes may not be a monumental milestone to others, it’s a big deal to me. I would have never thought that by having conversations with individuals about their lives and music would evolve into something so much bigger. This past year I’ve had my biggest interviews to date, Kanika Moore, Tezza, Maggie Rose, Leah Blevins, Elizabeth Cook, and Cocktail Bandits. So to close out the year I wanted to have a special guest….my best friend, Paul. If you follow me you’ll know he’s a pretty pivotal component in my life. A constant figure for 16 years and an individual that has shaped me into the human I am today.

We started the year with birthday videos for each other, sharing what we wished and hoped for the other as they enter their new year. While many believe the New Years holiday is a new beginning, we truly do not start anew until our birthday. It’s the annual pinpoint of you being on this earth and crossing the threshold. In an effort to see how far we’ve come based on our birthday wishes for each other, we wanted to revisit. So what were the biggest takeaways?

Paul has refined the art of a good pivot, and not a Ross Geller pivot. Rewind a few years prior and it was a game of Where in the World is Paul Eulette, compared to the present moment of losing his job and becoming ill from Covid. These two moments forced him to reflect on happiness and perspective, “just because things have changed, doesn’t mean you should deny those blessings.” His dear friend reminded him in an ebb and flow moment, “how dare you deny these blessings” which began the change in his mindset on approaching the rest of 2021 and going into the new year. While changes can bring fear, its moved Paul to the opposite end of the spectrum to envisioning opportunities, a new found hope, and better appreciation for health and family. Because at the end of the day, it’s better to ask yourself do you have the people in your life that matter and do you trust in previous experiences to guide you into new ones.

Similar to Paul, I found a deeper perspective on blessings and that those can be delivered in some very tough lessons. Sadly at the end of 2020, I lost my father unexpectedly. Now I wouldn’t go far to say that was a blessing, but rather, the lessons that followed were blessings. The hard reality is that the world doesn’t stop even though yours has and you’re expected to keep moving in a forward motion. While the sadness is evitable you begin to view every instance and situation with a new found clarity. And as much as I hold on tight to my ridiculous idea of control, it’s never been within my grasp. Nothing is as big as it seems and it all boils back down to the important shit. At the end of the day I do have the important people in my life, physically and spiritually, and everything I’ve learned in my short 30-something years will prepare me for the future. Also, a great therapist helps and if you ever need one I’m happy to recommend mine. She’s the best 🙂 Like Paul mentions in our conversation, “it felt like a strategy session on how to approach my happiness” and everyone deserves to be happy.

To wrap up this tangent, we’ve all experienced so much in just two short years. We are still healing and processing 2020, which is why 2021 felt like whirlwind. A swirl of confusion, anxiety, and fear. While it would be foolish for me to say everything is going to be alright it’s more suitable to state embrace the what may come. We are more resilient than we may think and with every experience there are blessings buried within it.

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