Episode 16, Maggie Rose

“I’m claiming my spot in the musical landscape.”

If you were to tell my younger self, the 2016 brokenhearted girl listening to Maggie Rose’s “Same Sky” and “Love Me More” on repeat, that I would get the opportunity to interview her, I would have never believed you. Those songs are old familiar friends that remind me that I’ve gotten through it before and can do it again. Tired of the dramatics yet? I just can’t express how surreal, humbling, and exciting it is to speak with a musician I’ve respected for so long. We’ve always been friends in my head and now we are in real life 🙂

For years Rose has fought for her music to be heard within country music circles, only to be challenged for not having a traditional country music sound. She’s an artist that will not be boxed in nor held to someone else’s standard of music, and you can hear just that in her upcoming album, Have a Seat. She delivers a track list that mixes soul, R&B, funk, and pop. The album was recorded in FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals and produced by Ben Tanner of Alabama Shakes. The track list is thoughtfully ordered from start to finish and includes a collaboration from rock/blues artist, Marcus King. The first song, “What Are We Fighting For” sets the tone for the whole album and received a little help from legendary musician, John Oates. Rose even sings us a little of the track during our interview. *swoon*

In addition to her upcoming album, Rose started a highly successful podcast, Salute the Songbird, at the beginning of 2021. The roster of guests run the gamut of notable female musicians, artists, writers, movers and shakers. A product of the pandemic, the podcast exists as a vehicle where she can “shoot the shit” with friends and also provide a space for important conversations while not being the subject of them. All of her guests may have different roles within the industry, but they are bound by their calling to make great music. Rose has claimed her spot within the musical landscape and is championing for others to take their respective seat. Trends may change, but talent is forever. If we make room there’s a seat at the table for all that talent.

The Have a Seat tour is making a stop in Charleston on Saturday, August 14th at Charleston Pour House. At a Maggie Rose show, anything can happen – you may even see one of her rowdiest fans, Bill Murray! – but you’re guaranteed to have a night filled with great music.

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