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Disco Teepee Radio Show 3 – Memory Lane Mixer

Radio transcript –

Hello my fellow song seekers and concert-goers. This is Meggie Hulsey and you are listening to Disco Teepee on WOHM Charleston 96.3 Ohm Radio.

As I am still sending you love from the road, I have covered some serious ground this month, while making some great memories. First, I traveled to Montreal for a few days (my first time to Canada). And it was magical. It is a very beautiful city and I even had the opportunity to practice my French which I’m sure the locals loved. Now, literally as you’re listening; I’m on a plane heading to LA for a few days before making my way to Joshua Tree and the Imperial Sand Dunes with my bestie, Paul. August has provided two fairly large excursions, it also marked one month not having a permanent address – which by the way…I’ve had so many people lately ask where I’m “at” these days. And let’s say it’s been tricky answering that one. But I’ve started to slightly adjust to this “no permanent address”  lifestyle – Pack, road, unpack, repack, road, repeat. 

And despite what it seems like, I am still working. The job I mentioned in episode 2 closes the office for an entire week to show its appreciation for the employees with a full week to truly unplug, and be human. Take note of that any bosses out there listening. But while I have an entire week off, I am using this opportunity to be human and take my annual best friends’ trip with Paul. And, as exciting as all this traveling has been, the one thing I didn’t anticipate was this tinge of sadness every time I left a place. Perhaps it’s the finite feeling of it all – ‘I’m only in this particular location for only a small span of time…and if I were to revisit this place in the future, will the memory of the first time be the same as a replicated experience?

Personally, the world can be a big, intimidating place; so reaching for that old, familiar album, CD or making a playlist of favorite hits can provide company and a sense of comfort as I go somewhere new, or return somewhere familiar after time has passed. For example, before these big trips, I spent a week back home in Walterboro in not so new surroundings, but a zhuzhed-up one since my high school days, if you will (we got a Starbucks, y’all). I ran into people I haven’t seen in years, visited my former watering hole, hung out with old friends, and dug into the musical archives of my youth; and this trip home really inspired today’s sonic Memory Lane Mixer episode, pun intended.

With this recent return to my roots, these songs helped to bring back wonderful memories of time well spent, with my best friend and before; and these songs truly remind me of how far I’ve come; and the memories and journeys I’ve had along the way. So maybe it is a combo of this recent sense of nostalgia alongside spending a lot of time by myself adjusting to new, changing surroundings on a regular basis has made me more sentimental. 

So in honor of this special trip down musical lane, today’s Memory Lane Mixer episode will feature some songs I’ve had on repeat that remind me of my wilder days, cruising the town in my 1998 red Mitsubishi eclipse with my two 12 in blaupunkt speakers. I was the epitome of trashy classy…classy trashy? Nah, I was just  young and loved music so much I wanted the neighbors to hear it too…from 20 miles away. 

So enjoy this trip down memory lane with me, as I am off to create new memories in new places with Paul, to the songs that remind me of where we’ve been. And, if you want to see today’s songs played out in real life, be sure to check out the socials to see all of our wild west adventures!

First up, is Alana Davis’ “Crazy”…y’all when I tell you I listened to this song on repeat, like I bought two CDs so I could have one in the reserves. This single was off her 1997 album, Blame It On Me. 

Now, I wasn’t driving in 1997, this was of the era where I would wait around all day (like all day) glued to 96 Wave just so I could record the song directly from the radio. Talk about a lifetime ago but definitely sweet memories of someone that loved music and couldn’t get enough of it. 

“Crazy” by Alana Davis

This next song’s lyrics have been a bit of a motto as I encounter new experiences throughout this new journey. “Time asks no questions, it goes on without you. Leaving you behind if you can’t stand the pace”

This single is from the British artist, Des’ree,’s second album, I Ain’t Movin’ (1994)

 “You Gotta Be” by Des’ree

are two former Charleston-based bands, Needtobreathe and Crowfield. I discovered these bands right around the same time in 2010 when I was an unpaid intern for a local wedding planning company. Let’s just say that didn’t pan out into a full time gig – I’m one of those people that probably isn’t peoply enough for this specific type of role. However, we can see that things worked out in the end.  

These two bands have a special place in my heart. Crowfield was the first band that I followed <like groupie style but it was about the music not the boys>. My gf, Megan, and I would attend every gig and kept a close eye on their show schedule because we were not going to miss an opportunity to get down to their song, Bigfoot or Hayride, at a show. For my old school Charlestonians, if you’ve seen those songs played live then you know what a special experience that is. Honestly, any one of their songs was amazing to hear live.

And Needtobreathe, while many categorize them as Contemporary Christian they are more than that – personally, Ibelieve them to be rock, Americana, Bluegrass, and more. Their music encompasses so many sounds and feelings that it cannot be contained within one genre. Here is Crowfield’s hayride and Needtobreathe’s The Outsiders – 

“ Bigfoot” by Crowfield

“The Outsiders” by Needtobreathe

This next song was featured in a 2011 Citibank Thankyou tv campaign where it gained national exposure for this artist, LP. This indie rock singer/songwriter was their break-through song and has continued to build quite the devoted following. They recently released an EP, Love Lines, on August 2nd and I highly recommend you give it a spin. This LP’s “into the wild”

“Into the Wild” by LP

We’re closing out the show with the 2007 banger from R&B singer, Amerie. This song is punchy, energetic, and can keep you company on those long boring parts of your long road trip. You know the part of the interstate where there’s nothing but trees and nothing for miles…sometimes you need a song that will put a little humph in that portion of the drive. 

“Gotta Work” by Amerie

Make sure to stop by next month as we continue this journey together. If you have a favorite band or artist that I should know, shoot me a message on Instagram @disco teepee. Because I always say sharing music is my love language so pass that love along. I’m Meggie Hulsey and this is Disco Teepee only WOHM Charleston 96.3 Ohm Radio.


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