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Disco Teepee Radio Show 2 – Asphalt Rebels

Radio transcript –

Hello my fellow song seekers and concert-goers. My name is Meggie Hulsey and you are listening to Disco Teepee on WOHM Charleston 96.3 Ohm Radio. First, I want to thank every single human that reached out to me, sent me words of kindness, or promoted or shared the news of this show. Starting this show was a huge step outside my comfort zone so I’m very thankful to have individuals in my life there to support me. 

And that hasn’t been the only thing outside my comfort zone as of lately –  as many of you may have seen on my socials I’ve packed my bags and left Charleston for the next 6 months. Sadly, my rent reached a place where I can no longer afford to live in Charleston so I did what any normal 30-something would do…I decided to road trip it. I would like to say that the rent was the only reason for leaving town but there was another underlying reason for packing up my life to become an asphalt rebel. To provide some background, we have rewind to 2020, the year that many of us would like to forget. That was the year that I experienced heartbreak, moved out of the home I shared with said heartbreak, lived with a friend for a few months (shoutout to Susannah), moved into the apartment in question and started living alone for the first time in two years, quit a job, got a new one, dealt with some pretty scary health issues potentially looking at back surgery, and my father died. 

So that apartment was my starting-over place where I began rebuilding my life during the latter part of 2020 and moving forward. But I must preface that, that the time I spent in this apartment didn’t see only the bad times – that new job I mentioned before, I love it! It allows me the freedom to be on the road right now as we speak. I co-founded the organization Sisters in Song with two of my dear friends, went to numerous music festivals, made new friends, spent more time with family, and met forever boo aka Lulu or Sweet Baby Luca to some of you.  

So after all of the bad stuff, there was still room for the good to take up space. Now we can fast forward back to the present day – as my rent was being raised, I considered this as a “gentle” nudge that maybe it’s time to start over again but on my terms. Was the increase in rent a push from something bigger to make me shake the dust, frost, dirt from myself and do something different? 

So why the road trip you wonder? Personally, I’ve always done my best thinking while driving long distances. When it’s just you, the road, and the radio there’s no distractions. You’re forced to sit (literally) in whatever frame of mind and process. It also doesn’t hurt when you have music to help comfort you in this emotional and physical journey. 

So I packed my bags and left at the end of June and began my road trip with a stop in Atlanta to visit some dear friends and to see The Cure. A bucket list show checked off and not a bad way to start this journey. So I thought it fitting to share one of my favorite Atlanta-based musicians to kick off this playlist. 

The first track on this road trip playlist that I’ve entitled Asphalt Rebels is from the Atlanta-based singer, Ruby Velle. She’s the frontwoman for the band, “Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics,” where they blend r&b and retro soul to create a sound that is uniquely their own. This single, “Fighter” was selected as the song for  HBO’s 2018 network trailer, showcasing all the season’s hottest shows and movies.
So here’s Ruby Velle’s Fighter

“Fighter” by Ruby Velle <3:15> 

After a few days in Atlanta, I ventured to North Carolina to spend a few weeks with the boo and, hopefully, get a reprieve from the heat. And, there’s one NC artist, in particular, I’ve been following for some time now that I think you all should know about. 

Caitlin Krisko and The Broadcast is an Ashville-based soul rock band that will hypnotize your body, soul and spirit. Krisko’s vocal prowess will demand your full attention not to mention has an electrifying stage presence. 

They’ve shared the stage with Mavis Staples, the late Charles Bradley, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Marcus King, The String Cheese Incident to name a few. This is Devil on Your Side. 

 “Devil on Your Side” <2:51>

This next artist is a new discovery as of this month, actually. I’m always digging, scouring to find new music and this particular find was a gem. Sunny War was named one of the best new voices in roots music by Rolling Stone. 

Her single,”No Reason” is off her latest album, Anarchist Gospel, and this tune examines the internal struggle felt by many between the version of yourself that is self-destructive and the other version that is trying to become a better person. 

“No Reason” <2:39>

Next up, the incomparable Grace Potter, or Ms. Potter if you’re nasty. I’ve been a huge fan of this singer/songwriter since her Nocturnal days, in particular their self-titled 2010 album. If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing her live, it’s an experience – her voice is un-freakin-real. 

This song is from her upcoming album, Mother Road, due to release in August. And a quote she provided in her press release is quite timely in terms of the road. 

“As I zeroed out my odometer and started west on my road trip across the US, I hoped that driving the road of flight would give me a bird’s eye view of my life. But it didn’t take long to realize that I was not flying; I was running away. In the solitude, I found myself smashing open the piggy bank of deeply-buried memories. Those gems of my real-life exploits spilled into my creative consciousness and emboldened me to write an album that reaches far beyond what actually happened–launching me down the alternate-reality roads of what could have happened.”

Here’s the self-titled single, “Mother Road”

“Mother Road” <5:12> 

Tracy Chapman has been all over the news lately, as she has made country music history by becoming the first Black woman to be the sole songwriter of a number one country hit as Luke Combs’ cover of her 1988 song “Fast Car” has skyrocketed to the top of the charts this month. 

No, today’s Tracy Chapman song is the self titled track, New Beginning, from her 1995 album

I think it’s the combo of her distinct singing voice alongside the didgeridoo  

“New Beginning” <5:33>

Our last artist is the South Carolina native, Nikki Lane. I selected her single, “Highway Queen” bc duh. I first saw Nikki in concert at the Music Farm in 2014 when she opened for Trampled by Turtles and and fast forward to present day she’s touring all over and headlining her own shows. And since that first show, I’ve been a devoted fan and have loved everything she’s released thus far. 

Here’s HQ – “Highway Queen” <3:51>

Make sure to stop by next month as we continue this journey together. If you have a favorite band or artist that I should know, shoot me a message on Instagram @disco teepee. Bc i always say sharing music is my love language so pass that love along. I’m Meggie Hulsey and this is Disco Teepee only WOHM Charleston 96.3 Ohm Radio.

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