Episode 13, Connor Christian

I first heard Connor Christian‘s music back in 2014 when I discovered his album, New Hometown, thanks to an ex-boyfriend (who will remain nameless). I listened to the title track on repeat – belting out my favorite line “a little dirty blues will make her lose in my hands”. Little did I know I was having a Hold Me Closer Tony Danza moment.

Connor was kind enough to help set the record straight as the lines are not “a little dirty blues will make her lose in my hands” whereas it’s really, “a little dirty blues will make them lose their minds.” Oops! I may be bias, but I still think my version is better. 🙂

Besides quoting song lyrics, Connor reminisced on his early career sharing the stage of Atlanta’s Dixie Tavern with country musician, Zac Brown, shared his advice for approaching songwriting, and discussed his upcoming EP, Burnin’ Moonlight, set to release December.

I was able to preview the 6 track album and Connor was right with his prediction that “Villain” would be my favorite. The collection is true to Connor’s original sound ensuring a fiddle makes an appearance. However, for this album he blends pop influences into his notable country melodies. A little pop and country will make them lose their minds, right?

Track listing:
“Past Midnight”
“Ain’t Gonna Lie”
“Up On Your Love”

Bands mentioned:
Wyatt Durrette, songwriter
Ruston Kelly, singer/songwriter
Miike Snow, Indie pop band

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