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Music Confab 2018

Charleston Music Confab 2018 event poster

It’s Charleston Music Confab time again! The fourth annual multi-genre music conference is kicking off this Thursday night. I had a chance to chat with Dave Stewart, Confab founder, yesterday to get a preview of the upcoming events. I asked Dave the following questions, and you can listen to Dave’s answers in the recording below.

  1. Every year Confab keeps expanding the musical lineup and this year you’ve added some large acts like Houndmouth, The Wild Feathers, and Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, what was the reason for including some of these bigger name bands this year?
  2. Besides the great nighttime showcases, there are educational seminars during the day. What are some of the most important ones to attend if you’re an aspiring musician?
  3. This is also a great time to network and discover some great upcoming talent, do you have some bands that stand out to you this year?

There are still tickets available and you can see the full schedule here.


I’m Going to Jackson

* Cue Johnny and June’s “Jackson”

I’m heading out of Charleston this weekend for an adventure in Jackson, Mississippi. Thanks to the kind folks at The Westin, my blonde counterpart, Jenna, and I will be taking in the sights and sounds of the city. Naturally, I began my research on the musicians from Mississippi and let me tell you it’s quite the range. From country songstresses, Faith Hill and Tammy Wynette to the nitty, gritty blues of Muddy Waters and B.B. King, Mississippi has been the home state to many successful artists. This southern town just isn’t blues and country, rock bands The Weeks and Grammy-nominated North Mississippi Allstars are notable groups that also hail from the Magnolia State. I created a playlist that will be perfect for our road trip, and make sure to follow us along on Instagram (jennawessinger and discoteepee) to see what’s really going on in Jackson. Stay tuned for a full travel guide recap.

“Yeah, I’m goin’ to Jackson,
Look out Jackson town”

Two Blondes Travel x Italy & Germany

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed two weeks ago my overseas adventure. Jenna, my blonde counterpart, and fellow blogger traveled to Italy and Germany. Our close girlfriend, Katherine, was getting married in Treviso, Italy, so we decided to include Florence and Munich into the trip. I had so many people tell me this would be a trip of a lifetime and even a life-changing event. While I didn’t discover a profound sense of anything, I did throw my f**ks out of the window and drank/ate my way through each city.

The additional perk of this trip was the collaboration project J and I started. You can only get so much from Instagram stories. so we created a video of the sights and fun throughout the trip. We covered the amazing food in Italy to the huge a** beers in Munich, even witnessing my hunt for the perfect dirndl.

The best part is that we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for more travel videos and hopefully, we will leave you inspired, jealous, and entertained. Huge thanks to the amazing musician, Kate Puckett, for allowing us to use her song, “Dance Now”, in the video. Make sure to check her out on her site.

Stay tuned for more travel adventures…




Borrowed Trouble

It’s Thursday and we’re so close to the weekend. We’ve slaved over shifts, dreaded deadlines, and worked our asses off. I know what I need and probably what you need…some damn good music from damn good-looking fools and a stiff drink.

So here’s what we’ll do, download the new Kenny George Band album, Borrowed Trouble, tomorrow via iTunes and make sure to hear them live Saturday night at Royal American. This album has depth, soul, and George’s gritty vocals making it their best one to date (in my humble opinion). Hear their first single off the album, “Stepping Stones” below.

Congrats, gentlemen, hard work pays off. See you all Saturday.

Locals Only

This morning I had the privilege to be a guest on i93.7‘s Locals Only show. We gushed over the awesomely talented bands, Megan Jean And The KFB, Jerry Jacobs, and Honeysmoke. It was a surreal experience sitting alongside Charleston disc jockey royalty, Miles Crosby aka Uncle Miles, of 96 Wave. If you’re from Charleston, you know how much of an institution that radio station was and the impact it had on the local music scene. It was an amazing experience and truly thankful for it.

You can listen to the full show below:

You can hear Jerry Jacobs live Thursday, March 16th at The Windjammer, and Honeysmoke Friday, March 16th, at Royal American alongside Emma’s Lounge and Midnight Snack.

Listen local this weekend 🙂

Charleston Werk Week

Calling all vintage lovers!

Holy City Vintage Market and PBR Chucktown Community present Charleston Werk Week!

Starting Friday, March 3rd, you can eat, drink, dance, and shop your way through local vintage threads ending with a fashion show benefiting Girls Rock Charleston and We Are Family. Advance tickets are just $12, and you’ll receive a swag bag and FREE PBRs. Now, that’s a party! 😉 The fashion show will have looks from Charleston’s own Runaround Sue Vintage, Grease KellyVintage, fkvintage, Little French Dress, Third Eye Vintage, and Threads Todisco.

For more information visit, Charleston Werk Week’s website.

Stalking Instagram

Over time I’ve collected quite an eclectic group following on Instagram. In particular, I love musicians that are smart and savvy with their profiles. I love to follow their adventures/misadventures and live vicariously through their colorful pictures. If you’re anything like me, I’m a sucker for getting the inside scoop. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite Instagrammers for your enjoyment.

Kelleigh Bannen:
Country-singing sweetheart, podcaster, pug-obsessed, and all-around crafty with her social media. She’s got spunk and not afraid to use it.

Mitchell Tenpenny:
With lyrics like “I don’t deal with bitches no more” already gives you insight into his antics and light-hearted approach to music. People may think it, but he will say it, well, actually sing it.

Carter Hulsey:
I must admit I’m a sucker for Carter because we share the same last name. Not related, but this dude’s Instagram is full of antics and an insider’s view into his hard work on creating amazing music.

Parson James:
South Carolina-born singer categorizes his music as “conflict pop gospel”, and with songs like “Sinner Like You”, “Temple”, and “Religion”  you get the idea rather quickly. His music makes you dance and think, an interesting combination for you to check out.

I stumbled upon Sinclair while perusing concerts in Nashville. Her shows are full of light, energy, and good vibes just like her Instagram feed. For visual and audible inspiration, make sure to follow her.

Atlas Road Crew


This week’s spotlight goes to Charleston locals, Atlas Road Crew. Formed in 2011, these gentlemen have quickly become a fixture on the local music circuit. Their album, Halfway to Hopkins, has become one of my favorites to hear start to finish, including my favorite tune, “Abilene”. Taylor Nicholson’s vocals are addictively haunting and pull you into the song immediately. Take some time out of your week and give this album a listen; from start to finish it’s a comprehensive piece of Southern rock ‘n’ roll that will make you appreciate this band.

Stay up-to-date with the band’s latest music and shows on Facebook. ARC will have new music coming out later this month.

Dead27s – Ghosts Are Calling Out


Even if you’re not active in the Charleston music scene, you can love and appreciate the Dead 27s. Comprised of members Daniel, Oliver, Trey, Wallace, and Will, they create a blend of soul, funk, and rock into what I’ve lovingly call ladywood. Their musical swagger may be what attributes to such a sound, and you can get a full dose of it on their recent album, “Ghost Are Calling Out”. From start to finish, this album reveals the band’s confidence and willingness to take risks. The band is making bold musical choices without sacrificing the heartfelt and genuine songwriting their fans love and expect.

I hope that whoever checks out the album takes the time to listen to it from beginning to end. It took a lot of time and creative energy to make what we feel is a comprehensive work that showcases each member’s strengths and talents, as well as the sonic evolution of our band’s identity. I just hope with the ever-shortening attention span of the listening public, that some people will still press play and listen closely to everything that we put into each track. – Trey

What A Waste refers to that old saying when you can’t meet your full potential. For anyone that may be pursuing a creative or out-of-the-box career field is all too familiar with this saying. This song is about jumping those hurdles and taking down those challenges. It also doesn’t hurt with an intro of hard-hitting drums and sexy guitar strumming that immediately grabs your attention.

I hope the audience is able to access some of emotions and sentiments that we as a band held during the making of the album. We really enjoyed making the album, so I hope the audience is able to do the same while listening.  – Oliver

My personal favorite, Hustlin’, shows off this quintets funk influence. If you need something to put pep in your step this is the tune for you. With a chorus:

Gotta stay on my grind
I ain’t wasting no more time
Gonna go ahead and take what’s mine
Gotta keep on hustin’

These boys know hard work, and this song hits on those struggles. It’s clear they are speaking from experience and translated those frustrations into a take-no-prisoner anthem.

A lot of sacrifices, time, effort and hard work went into making this album. I hope the audience finds something in this labor of love to connect with, whether it is lyrics, the music, or both. – Daniel

Overall, from start to finish this album shows off the group’s experimental side and some risk-taking. They know their sound but push the boundaries on tunes like Intergalactic Dream. The intro already hints to the listener the electronic and synth-filled journey they are about to take. Only One rounds out the album with heavy guitar riffs, and even the album title derives from one of the verses.

“I want our audience to realize that despite what they’ve heard, rock is not dead. It’s also not a stagnant exhibit of its former self. We aren’t the only band out there waving this banner, but we do it because we love the music and that chill bump-laden excitement you get when it’s good.” -Wallace

It’s obvious this was a labor of passion and love. I think Wallace hit the nail on the head with, “We aren’t the only band out there waving this [rock ‘n’ roll] banner, but we do it because we love the music and that chill bump-laden excitement you get when it’s good.” Make sure to attend their album release party this Saturday night at Charleston Pour House. Tickets are just $12.00 in advance and the show kicks off at 9:30 pm. Don’t take my word for it, go witness for yourself some really f**king talented dudes.

I hope they [listeners} really enjoy the album and it moves them in some way. And I hope they can hear the growth of the band. And that’s a big one I think… the growth. We are moving forward as a band and are continually developing and molding our sound while staying true to who we are and what type of music we play. Making this album was a special process for us and they made it possible. I want them to know that this album is not only for them, it happened because of them. For that, we are forever grateful. – Will

Congrats, gents!

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