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Cam Interview: Southern Ground


While roaming the Southern Grounds, I also got the privilege to interview Cam. It is always a treat to get a preview behind the velvet ropes, but you never know what you’ll get. However, Cam was genuine, humble, sweet and all-around lovely.

The interview was roughly 19 minutes, and we touched on a range of things from her debut album, Untamed, our mutual love of Bonnie Raitt, today’s dating scene, and how all Taco Bell menu items circle back to the Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

Cam’s fame has taken off like wildfire. Her debut album, Untamed, was released last December and has brought her Grammy, Academy of Country Music (ACM), and American Countdown Award nominations. When I asked her about the influences of this album, she references Eric Church’s Chief. She mentioned that there’s a song for every occasion on that record, and she wanted to make sure that Untamed ran the same gambit of tunes.

After releasing this album, she’s had her share of “wow” moments. One in particular was her “Burning House” performance at the ACM awards. Her standing ovation was the moment she knew how popular her song had become and the validation from her musical peers was a “wow-filled” experience. Give her performance a watch below.

Not to mention, meeting the Holy Gypsy Guitar Queen, Bonnie Raitt. She ran into Raitt at the ACMs, and Cam mentions that ‘all compliments vomited out of my mouth, “you’re the most amazing singer ever”. Later in the night, Raitt thanked her for the sweet compliments.  Who wouldn’t fall over from an encounter this iconic artist?

My favorite song on Untamed is “Half Broke Heart”, and I had to pick her brain about the backstory. The song is her take on dating, and how even if it’s casual it can still be painful when it ends. The opening lyrics, “I wasn’t looking for a ring it doesn’t mean it doesn’t sting. When you cut and run so soon”, make it known but the upbeat guitar and vocals make a painful situation more bearable.

But this is also true to Cam’s disposition, as I asked for her worst dating story and she couldn’t even recall one.  Her take on life is to always remember the better moments, so she shared her “comedy of errors” date. A broken down car, quick-thinking Taco Bell dinner, and a random Rodin garden made an awkward date into a memorable evening. I inquired about her go-to Taco Bell choice, and we both shared a love of cheesy gordita crunch or whatever they’re called now.

One the coolest things about being a woman in present day country music, is the camaraderie that exists among female artists. CMT’s Next Women of Country Music showcases rising female country artists. I asked Cam her thoughts on being asked to join and the impact it could have on future lady musicians. The biggest take away was that it provides visibility and exposure to really freakin’ talented musicians. I loved her example of, “if there were no women astronauts it’s hard to think you could be that.” So by having very visible female representation in the industry, it helps those aspiring to keep moving forward in their dreams.

I also asked her for advice for future musicians and aspiring artists; the biggest ones were know every facet of the business and write your own music. Never expect that someone else is going to help you. Everyone starts from the same place, so you have to go through the steps of learning, making mistakes, and gaining that experience that’s necessary within this business.

I have to say that I was incredibly nervous and excited to meet Cam. Her sunny spirit is contagious and it’s hard to not be 100% yourself with her. Her grace and humility are reasons why her fan base is growing exponentially and I must say that it was a wow moment for me to have this opportunity.

Give her a listen below from Southern Ground

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