Blurred Lines : Sam Hunt


I thought Mr. Robin Thicke was the King of Blurred Lines, but since listening to Sam Hunt I think he may be stealing the crown. This Georgia native started his career as a songwriter with some heavy street cred writing top country hits like,  Keith Urban’s “Cop Car”, Billy Currington’s “We Are Tonight” and Kenny Chesney’s “Come Over”.  Hunt has recently released a 4 track EP, X2C, and started hitting airwaves hard with his single, “Break Up In A Small Town”.

To be frank, at first listen the song confused me. Is it R&B? Is it country? The two genres are so intertwined that I don’t know where one starts and the other begins. However, Mr. Hunt knows what he is doing musically because his lyrics tell great stories and his beat make me want to roll my windows down Florida Georgia Line style.

Country music fans may hate the lack of tradition and loyal R&B listeners make scoff at his sound, but I say keep blurring lines in order to make great music.

Blur away, Sir Hunt!


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